Beastly Love Trilogy

Ella Bodrick, half beast and a half human who lives with her best friend, Kate. Since the age of twenty-three, she has lived her life under the radar trying to avoid her enemy, who is the most well-known science company in Trillo County. As a child she had a pretty secure and warm, loving home, until the day of her parent’s anniversary came,  disappearing without a trace and never to be heard from again.Feeling lost and more than a little distant to everyone around her, Ella lived her day to day life on autopilot until she graduated from high school. Shortly later, she moves away for college leaving the place she once called home behind her.At age nineteen she was captured by a science company and used for barbaric experiments. Meeting others like her there, Ella quickly befriends them and forms up a plan for escape.Now after four years of keeping a low profile, the same company is hunting for her again and doesn’t plan on stopping until they have her.Derek Wither, a scientist for the best company in the County and the man who wants a woman that is considered his enemy. Set to live as a scientist in the name of his father, Derek sets a goal to find out the truth about his father’s mysterious car accident.
His assignment is to research anything he can on Ella Bodrick, a woman he’s finding more alluring and captivating than he should.
His rules are clear, find Ella than capture and contain her. Simple, right?
The only problem is that Derek can’t seem to stick to that rule no matter how hard he tries.
The woman he needs to capture and contain is the woman he wants to be with.

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An entire year has passed since Derek has seen his woman. A whole freaking year. No matter how hard he's searched, there was no trace of her anywhere.
Not even Jefer was having any luck. 

Drinking his sorrows and woes away, Derek was giving up hope of ever finding her again.
Then news that gets his heart pumping and his blood stream racing come along.
Jefer has found Ella. He's finally found her.
But she's different. She's colder, more distant and hard than he last remembered.
She was nothing like how she was a year ago.
Whatever happened to her, Derek was going to find out.

Why did he have to find her?
Ella didn't want Derek to see her like this. A cold-blooded assassin with dull eyes and a thirst to kill.
When she left Derek and the others behind it was to keep them safe and out of Michael's radar.
Now all of her efforts gone to waste.
Not just Derek's here but all her friends as well.
All she wanted to do was to rescue her parents from the clutches of a psychopathic bastard. How did everything go so wrong so fast?
Soon, Ella won't be able to hide the fact that they are here and her plans to save her parents may end up becoming a blood bath.

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